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Patented electrical heating worm screw conveyor. Up to 250"C with PTFE sheet with heat insulating,top cover for easy maintenance, steam injection pipe, water injection pipe. For all shapes, powders, seeds, leaves, cuts, mud...


  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Continuous treatment
  • Homogeneous treatment
  • Undenatured product

Technical Features


Models Volume Electrical Power Required Steam
SPJ 215L 10.4-104 gph 10kW 27.6 lbs/hr
SPJ 315 (450L4) 36.4-364 gph 20kW 55.2lbs/hr
SPJ 450L6 104-1040 gph 40kW 55.2 lbs/hr
SPJ600L6 130-1300 gph 80kW 110.4 lbs/hr
SPJ750LB 247-2470 gph 120kW 193.2 lbs/hr

Sizing Worksheet

SpirajouleNA - Sizing Worksheet PDF


  • lnox316
  • CIP Cleaning Process
  • Ul Certification


The SPIRAJOULE® is made with standard inox design, security thermostat and power control cabinet.


  • Optional steam injection pipe
  • Air extraction
  • Electrical heating screw with paddles
  • Thermal insulation
  • Product


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